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Antoni Gaudí

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1Antoni Gaudí Empty Antoni Gaudí on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:05 am
Antoni Plàcid Guillem Gaudí i Cornet

(Catalan pronunciation: [ənˈtoni gowˈði]; 25 June 1852–10 June 1926)—in English, often referred to by the Spanish translation of his name, Antonio Gaudí[3][4][5]—was a Spanish Catalan[6] architect who operated in the same time period as the Modernist style (Art Nouveau) movement but was famous for his unique and highly individualistic designs and thus is not categorized as such.[7]
Gaudí's first works were designed in the style of gothic architecture and traditional Catalan architectural modes, but he soon developed his own distinct sculptural style. French architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc,
who promoted an evolved form of gothic architecture, proved a major
influence on Gaudí. The student went on to contrive highly original
designs – irregular and fantastically intricate. Some of his greatest
works, most notably La Sagrada Família, have an almost hallucinatory power.
He once said on the subject of gothic architecture:
Gothic art is imperfect, it means to solve; it is the style of
the compass, the formula of industrial repetition. Its stability is
based on the permanent propping of abutments: it is a defective body
that holds with support... gothic works produce maximum emotion when
they are mutilated, covered with ivy and illuminated by the moon.[19]

Gaudí spent ten years working on studies for the design of La Sagrada Família
and developing a new method of structural calculation based on a model
built with cords and small sacks of lead shot. The outline of the
church was traced on a wooden board (1:10 scale), which was then placed
on the ceiling of a small house next to the work site. Cords were hung
from the points where columns were to be placed. The sacks of pellets,
weighing one ten-thousandth part of the weight the arches would to
support, were hung from each catenaric arch formed by the cords.
Photographs were then taken of the resulting model from various angles.
When the photographs were turned upside-down, the lines of tension
formed by the cords and weights revealed the lines of pressure of the
compressed structure. This is one of the ways that Gaudí obtained
natural forms in his work.
The same expressive power of Gaudí's monumental works exists in his
oddly graceful chairs and tables. Gaudí's architecture is a total
integration of materials, processes and poetics. His approach to
furniture design exceeded structural expression and continued with the
overall architectural idea.[20

Antoni Gaudí 12435567B%7EAntoni-Gaudi-Casa-Batllo-Barcelona-Spain-Posters

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2Antoni Gaudí Empty Re: Antoni Gaudí on Sat Sep 04, 2010 9:43 pm


Art Disaster
Art Disaster
stvarno, u pravu si ovo je puno preciznije


"Jedini sam čovjek na Zemlji, a možda nema ni Zemlje ni čovjeka.
Možda me neko božanstvo vara.
Možda me neko božanstvo osudilo na vrijeme, tu dugu iluziju.
Ja sanjam Mjesec, a sanjam i svoje oči koje ga primjećuju.
Sanjao sam veče i jutro prvog dana.
Sanjao sam Kartaginu i legije koje su Kartaginu opustošile.
Sanjao sam Lukana.
Sanjao sam brijeg Golgotu i krstove Rima.
Sanjao sam geometriju.
Sanjao sam tačku, pravu, ravan i zapreminu.
Sanjao sam žuto, crveno i plavo.
Sanjao sam mape svijeta i kraljevstva i crninu kad izlazi Sunce.
Sanjao sam nepojaman bol.
Sanjao sam sumnju i neizvjesnost.
Sanjao sam jučerašnji dan.
Ali ja možda juče nisam ni imao, možda se nisam ni rodio.
Ja, ko zna, sanjam da sam sanjao." ~ Horhe Luis Borhes

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3Antoni Gaudí Empty Re: Antoni Gaudí on Sun Sep 05, 2010 2:32 am
axa... ja njega obozavam....


Antoni Gaudí Tumblr_o1isk4uM4f1ro95bto2_540

Antoni Gaudí Tumblr_o1scngLSCq1te6usvo8_540

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