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The Wedding Planner - Neplanirano Venčanje

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1The Wedding Planner - Neplanirano Venčanje Empty The Wedding Planner - Neplanirano Venčanje on Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:02 pm


Dreams on Moonlight
Dreams on Moonlight
The Wedding Planner - Neplanirano Venčanje The_Wedding_Planner_Poster


Maria 'Mary' Fiore (Lopez) is a San Francisco wedding planner who is too consumed with planning others' events to worry about her own personal life until she is saved from a nasty accident by Dr. Steve Edison (McConaughey).
Mary and Steve spend a wonderful evening in the park, watching an old movie (Two Tickets To Broadway), dancing and nearly kissing before being interrupted by an untimely rain shower. After glowing to her friends that she had finally found a man that she likes, she soon learns that Edison is engaged to her biggest client Fran Donolly (Bridgette Wilson).
Mary eventually agrees to plan their wedding. While shopping for flowers with Steve, Mary runs into her ex-fiancé and his pregnant wife. It is revealed the night of Mary's wedding rehearsal she found her then-fiancé kissing his high school girlfriend, to whom he's now married. Later that night Mary is drunk and is obsessing over her fiancé leaving her. Steve comforts her and helps her throughout the night. After leaving Mary's apartment, he shortly returns and pronounces his love for her. Mary declines saying she respects Fran too much to turn on her by stealing her fiancé.
After the revelation, Mary is reunited with a childhood friend Massimo (Justin Chambers) who asks her to marry him; after a slight hesitation, Mary uses a Scrabble board to spell "ok". Mary reaches the altar with Massimo, but their wedding is halted by her father who knows she is not truly in love with the groom-to-be. Meanwhile, Fran and Steve's wedding fails (due to their own doubts about marriage), and Steve rushes to city hall to try to stop Mary and Massimo's wedding himself. With help from Massimo, Steve finds Mary and asks her to dance at the park where they first met and fell in love.


Jennifer Lopez as Maria 'Mary' Fiore
Matthew McConaughey as Dr Steven James 'Steve/Eddie' Edison
Bridgette Wilson as Francine 'Fran' Donolly
Justin Chambers as Massimo
Judy Greer as Penny
Alex Rocco as Salvatore Fiore
Lou Myers as Burt Weinberg
Charles Kimbrough as Mr. Donolly
Joanna Gleason as Mrs. Donolly
Dan Finnerty as Best Man
Kathy Najimy as Geri

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Prejak film.


- The ritual will happend tonight. Be a good little vampire and don't screw up.
-You'll gonna screwed up, aren't you???

The Wedding Planner - Neplanirano Venčanje Userbar-mod-zeljka
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Chosen Soul
Chosen Soul
Prevod nije dobar. Trebalo bi da bude "Planer vencanja"....
Nije los film, mada se pretpostavilo da ce se to desiti.

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